Festival Branding

Typefest is a fictional convention for designers and typography enthusiasts. This project encapsulates a dynamic range of branding materials including posters, logos, wristbands, ID badges, merchandise, and a striking billboard. 


  • Posters: Utilizing a mix of energetic colors and undulating patterns, the posters serve as a visual metaphor for the event’s dynamic nature.

  • Wristbands: Designed for both security and memorabilia, the wristbands are functional yet stylish accessories that carry the Typefest identity beyond the event itself.

  • ID Badges: Personalized for each attendee, the badges are a fusion of form and function, ensuring security while also being keepsakes.

  • Billboard: Serving as a beacon for the event, the billboard was designed to capture attention from afar and draw attendees into  Typefest.

  • Merchandise: Branded stickers and mousepads. The merchandise extends the brand experience, offering attendees the opportunity to take a piece of Typefest home with them.

festival branding poster
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