The same stream of consciousness which flows in the mighty Whole,

and through the mighty Whole of the universe,

flows therefore through man, an inseparable

portion of that universe. This means that

there is a pathway by which you may come

into intimate relation with the heart of the

universe itself; and that pathway is you, your

own inner being, your own inner nature,

your spiritual self. Not the self of ordinary

physical man, which self is just a poor reflection of the spiritual brilliance within, but

that inner self of pure consciousness, pure

love for all that is, unstained by any earthly

taint — your spiritual being.

Following this pathway to your own inner

god, your higher self, you will reach all

the mysteries and wonders of boundless

, through infinite time; and such

happiness and peace and bliss and beauty

and love and inspiration will fill your whole

being that every breath will be a blessing,

and every thought a sublime inspiration

^ from the golden precepts of esotericism

I painted a self portrait, because i have been doing a lot of self reflection lately- looking for a bit of inspriration , calm, peace, something like that inside. and i am having luck and finding lots of valuable thoughts, feelings, memories, etc.

self portrait process pic
infinitude 2 inner splendor blog post
tess little self portrait

some process/detailed photos

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